Located at 2004 and 2006 Valparaiso Street on the east side of the street.

The buildings are north of Glendale Blvd and are the 2 buildings just south of Albert St.

They are 2 ranch homes with a Family Concern Counseling sign in the front yard and on the 2006 building.

The 2004 entrance is in the rear of the building through the glass doors.

Parking is available in the rear (east side) of the building and along the north side drive. Overflow parking is available across Valparaiso Street in the parking lot of Valparaiso Place.

fcc location


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Counselors at the Valparaiso Location

Dave Bauer, Director, LMHC

Katie Aardsma, MA

Tom Anderson, MA

Marcie Briggs, Psy.D.

Daniel Carter, MA

Chris Hamrick, LMFT

Jenelle Linden, MS, MA

Maureen Quinn, LSW

John Rife, MA

Sarah Schmidtke, LMHC

Karen Schrock, MSW